Our products

  • eBiody is the result of 15 years of research and development and meets an ambitious goal: to design a professional wireless mobile impedance meter (with integrated electrodes), while remaining as light and compact as possible, and maintaining a high level of reliability. To meet this challenge, the concept of bio-impedance has been rethought. eBiody is much more than a new impedance meter. This is the future of connected professional impedance meter.
    ebiody is offered via monthly subscription with 6 and 12-month terms.
  • True MCT Bundle provides up to three months' supply of True MCT to help nourish your body throughout the day. All of the benefits of True MCT with:
    • One bottle of True MCT (over 50 servings); and
    • Two boxes of True MCT Sachets (15 individually wrapped 10ml sachets in each box)
    Free of chemicals and solvents, True MCT oil satiates the body and enhances energy levels. It’s good fat, that adds to your health, not to your waistline.
  • Collagen Bundle gives you a month’s supply of True Collagen, so you can restore the body and enhance your natural beauty, replenishing and nourishing from the inside out. Enjoy all of the benefits of our True Collagen with:
    • One jar of True Collagen (over 50 servings)
    • Two boxes of True Collagen Sachets - 15 individually wrapped 5g servings
  • For the first time, it's now possible to bring the power of barefoot science and plantar proprioceptive stimulation to all footwear, regardless of support, cushion, or heel-toe drop. Naboso® Insoles enhance your movement with sensory stimulation, improving foot strength and balance.

    Naboso® Insoles are designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet. Not only do they improve balance but positively impact foot strength, ankle proprioception, and force production in athletes.

    Naboso® Insoles carry the reputation of Functional Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist Dr. Emily Splichal, who has dedicated her medical career to researching human movement, barefoot science, and sensory sequencing.