Power Plate Discovery Workshop

The Power Plate Discovery Workshop provides an introduction to whole-body vibration training. Participants will gain an understanding of how Power Plate helps users to Prepare Faster, Perform Better, and Recover Quicker.

Incorporating Power Plate provides cutting edge technology to engage users with new techniques and make your facility stand out from the rest.

By offering accelerated flexibility and recovery therapeutics, Power Plate makes sure your clients are feeling good after their workout and provides an excellent incentive for them to return.

The more informed about whole-body vibration training your staff is, the better they can address clients’ needs, and provide the individual attention and solutions that your clients won’t find elsewhere.

This course can be for: users, distributors, health professionals (medical and fitness)

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AXLE Workshop

AXLE workshop is a tool kit, a guide to everything you need to know about the AXLE Bar (The AXLE), The programming, and our methods to master human movement.

Skills that you will develop during this workshop:

– Learn proper human biomechanics in all planes of movement.

– Advanced techniques of forced core bracing

– Build an archive of progressions and regressions to accommodate multiple population training ages.

– Explore specifics of tempo training, and how to use music BPM to optimize human performance.

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Precor Queenax Foundation Course

Queenax Foundations is a seven-hour full day training curriculum delivered by a qualified Precor Master Coach. It is comprised of two parts:

1. Queenax Functional Training Movement Design (4 Hours)
This four-hour practical workshop teaches participants a system for building movements and workouts with an array of functional training tools. Attendees will learn how to create logical, engaging, and safe movement progression by integrating suspended bodyweight training tools, bodyweight exercises, tubing, agility, and other resistance modalities. Participants will also develop targeted programs for different populations.

2. Queenax Small Group Program Design (3 Hours)
This three-hour course provides a pathway for developing small group coaches and leadership skills by leveraging the open architecture of Queenax. This workshop teaches group coaching dynamics and group fundamentals to help new and experienced small group coaches hone their confidence and familiarity with delivering high value coaching to multiple clients in a single session. Participants will practice three small group coaching formats and programs, and takeaway five pre-built four-week training packages to help kick start programming in their facility. Open workout design templates are provided for ongoing innovation.

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CROSSCORE Rotational Body Weight Training

For those already certified in suspension-oriented training certifications with other organizations, the CrossCore Bridge course offers a direct pathway to CrossCore instructor certification. This 4-hour course covers the essentials needed to become CROSSCORE certified.

Course Objectives

1. Introduction to rotational Body Weight training

2. CrossCore Kinesiology

3. Equipment safety and information

4. Exercises, programing, and training

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