Educating others is my passion

For many years I ran my private training studio. I managed my employees, clients as well as the business operations, which eventually led to a prosperous business. Throughout the years, I have faced many challenges within the health and fitness industry. After identifying solutions for these gaps, I decided to begin educating other fitness and health instructors. My passion for teaching others with research-based information has influenced the partners I have chosen to help me expand my mission. Not only are the partners and brands I work with backed by science, but they are also uniquely tailored for the aging population.

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Positive Attitude Equals Positive Results

Our attitude dictates our outlook on whatever we do in life. A positive attitude helps us push ourselves to do our best and to pick ourselves up when we face challenges. I strive to have and encourage a positive outlook for my clients to help them stay motivated to achieve their ultimate goal.

Train With a Purpose

With so many fitness influencers on social media and confusing information about health on the internet it can be difficult to determine what is best for you. Training with purpose and proper guidance will ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals. Understanding which tools to use and how to use them will ensure your training program is effective and minimize injury.

Continued Education Advocate

Most of the courses I teach provide continuing education credits and cover research-based techniques and practices. The health and fitness industry is continuously evolving with new information. It is essential to continue learning in the areas that apply to your training programs.

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Leading By Example

Learning how to use programs and tools properly will ensure your training program is impactful. I provide in-person training and education to walk you through a step by step method of learning each training program and equipment.

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Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, our whole body vibration technology will help you achieve your goals.


Meet the world’s most versatile, modular training system.


Add rotation to challenge your balance and core like nothing else.


The first and only lightweight, collapsible Olympic barbell. Build it. Lift it. Load it. Roll it. Store it. Wherever. Whenever.


Optimize movement and motor coordination through the stimulation of your nervous system.


Weighted compression sleeves for the legs and arms.


eBIODY SAS specializes in e-Health and more particularly in advanced techniques of analysis of body composition.


High performance nutrition and health products to evolve your brain, body and beauty.


Available Professional Certifications

Powerplate Training

Shake things up

Power Plate is a vibrating platform. Vibrations generate rapid reflex response in your muscles and increase blood flow. Gain a competitive edge offering a modality of training that has therapeutic and fitness benefits.

Learn MoreAbout Powerplate

Functional Queenax Training

Push your limits

Queenax is the world’s most unique modular functional training system. It’s a multifunctional training frame that make use of the entire space, turning it into a highly versatile training system.

Learn MoreAbout Queenax

Barbell Training

Push your limits

The Axel is the first and only lightweight, collapsible Olympic barbell. Developed by professional trainers for professional athletes, Axle empowers anyone to lift even if you’ve never done it before.

Learn More About Axle

Crosscore Training

Shed those pounds

Rotational Bodyweight Training takes all the benefits of traditional bodyweight training exercises and adds instability, rotation and dynamic tension to challenge your balance and core.

Learn MoreAbout CrossCore


Love the training

Really enjoy syl ie professionalism – she is always on time and peofessional , she is bringing equipmwnt with her and very organized


Sylvie Changed My Body

I was so disappointed in my body. I couldn’t change it with diet and my regular exercise. So I decided to call Sylvie. I am so very happy I did. Sylvies unique way of working every muscle with the PowerPlate and her accessories is just magical. After a month of working out, my legs, arms and core haven’t looked this good for years. I am so grateful Sylvie had the time for me in her schedule!


Fun and engaging

It was a phenomenal day of fun and training on our new Queenax. The team and I got so much out of the day and now feel empowered to develop and run small group classes.


Thank you Sylvie!

You were sooooooooo “Amazing”! Thank you, I learned a lot of new ideas from you on the Power Plate


A true professional

Sylvie is one extremely focused enthusiastic teacher. She has the knowledge to transfer to people who help ensure a healthy lifestyle for our aging population.


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