Our products

  • Collagen Bundle gives you a month’s supply of True Collagen, so you can restore the body and enhance your natural beauty, replenishing and nourishing from the inside out. Enjoy all of the benefits of our True Collagen with:
    • One jar of True Collagen (over 50 servings)
    • Two boxes of True Collagen Sachets - 15 individually wrapped 5g servings
  • Boost your lifestyle with a Brave Bundle! This Intermittent Fasting Bundle is the perfect solution for creating the optimal Ancient + Brave brew. If you’re following an intermittent fasting program, this Bundle will help to fuel your body and reduce sensations of hunger for longer – so you can stay committed to your fast without feeling sluggish or hungry. Collagen are enhanced by our True MCT oil and True Collagen powder.  Together they create a delicious, protein-rich, nutritious drink.
    • Enjoy all of the benefits of both True Collagen & MCT oil with:
    • One jar of True Collagen (over 50 servings)
    • One bottle of True MCT (over 50 servings)
  • True MCT Bundle provides up to three months' supply of True MCT to help nourish your body throughout the day. All of the benefits of True MCT with:
    • One bottle of True MCT (over 50 servings); and
    • Two boxes of True MCT Sachets (15 individually wrapped 10ml sachets in each box)
    Free of chemicals and solvents, True MCT oil satiates the body and enhances energy levels. It’s good fat, that adds to your health, not to your waistline.
  • The Axle is an ultra-light, collapsible, multi-functional barbell that is fully collapsible for easy storage in any training facility or home. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and easily portable for a workout on the go. This unique equipment can function as a barbell, core roller, planking tool, or a foot anchor for core exercises. It’s also capable of holding any Olympic plate for added resistance during training. The Axle Barbell’s ease of use and functionality provides anyone with the opportunity to master hundreds of exercises in a wide range of vertical and horizontal planes. Ultralight (11lb), Olympic Plate Loading (up to 150lb), Strength Band Loading, collapsible, designed to roll with your hands or feet. The first-ever functional barbell. Barbell and two (2) wheels included. Plates not included. Product ships in 5-10 business days.
  • Used by top fitness professionals and athletes worldwide, the new CrossCore® Pro takes bodyweight training to an entirely new level with both static and rotational suspended bodyweight training with the turn of a knob. When the pully is locked, the CrossCore® Pro functions like traditional straps and easily adjusts to any user height. Unlock the pully with the turn of a knob and the CrossCore® Pro becomes a dynamic training system that allows rotational movements that will take any workout to the next level. Attach a kettle bell to one side and the CrossCore® Pro becomes a pully weight training system, perfect for isolating muscle groups and training your core.
    • Lightweight aluminum alloy
    • Increased main rope diameter
    • Easier locking and unlocking of pulley wheel
    • Color markings and audible clicks verify locking motion in progress and pin engagement
    • Rope Adjuster Device™ (RAD™) allows easy adjustment of handle placement and rope lengths
  • From the leader in whole body vibration for over 20 years, the Power Plate® DualSphere™ is perfect for effective, concentrated massage. Featuring a unique contoured shape and exclusive textured design, the DualSphere is ideal for targeting hard to reach areas including feet, neck and back to help relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles, release fascia and promote blood flow to help you prepare faster and recover quicker. The DualSphere is a cutting-edge vibrating massager that:
    • Helps relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles
    • Enhances range of motion
    • Promotes blood flow and fascia release
    • Reduces pain
    • Accelerates exercise warm up and recovery
  • eBiody is the result of 15 years of research and development and meets an ambitious goal: to design a professional wireless mobile impedance meter (with integrated electrodes), while remaining as light and compact as possible, and maintaining a high level of reliability. To meet this challenge, the concept of bio-impedance has been rethought. eBiody is much more than a new impedance meter. This is the future of connected professional impedance meter.
    ebiody is offered via monthly subscription with 6 and 12-month terms.
  • Portable, cutting-edge massager takes foam rolling to the next level