Queenax Functional Training

Small group training is the new trend for boutique studio and gym clubs. Learn to teach and implement small group training using Queenax Functional training system from Precor.

  • Queenax Configurations
  • Queenax movement Classification
  • Building Small Group Training on Queenax 

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Power Plate Whole Body Vibration

Power Plate is a vibrating platform. Vibrations generate rapid reflex response in your muscles and increase blood flow.    Gain a Competitive Edge offering a modality of training that has therapeutic and fitness benefits.

  • Enjoy Greater Mobility
  • Rehab Existing Injuries
  • Help Prevent Soreness
  • Help Counteract Aging

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Master Trainer

Barefoot Training

Learn the purpose behind foot strike assessments. Performing proper movement assessments allow you to better identify any lack of stability or mobility- as well as compensation patterns. This course can help you implementing:

  • Fall prevention program
  • Advise on proper foot wear
  • Injury Prevention program
  • Sport Specific training
  • Naboso Mat 

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Trigger Point Therapy

Learn how to use patented products and methodologies to address biomechanical challenges via myofascial release techniques.

  • Offer “Recovery Classes” part of your class’s schedule.
  • Resell products to your members by become an affiliate or accessing product at cost.
  • Host certification course at your facility, become a training center for continuing education.

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I provide onsite training and education. I organize demo event for your members to discover the new modality and get to learn how it could benefit them.